Residential Inspections

Comprehensive Residential Inspections in North Texas

Residential Inspections

At Intellispect Property Inspection Group, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety and integrity of the home you’re buying or selling. Our experienced professional inspector team is dedicated to providing comprehensive house inspection services that empower buyers, sellers, and homeowners with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Due to our extensive experience, knowledge and attention to detail, we are the trusted residential inspectors in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Contact us to learn more!


Why Home Inspections Are Necessary

Home inspections play a vital role in the process of buying, selling, or maintaining a property. Here’s why scheduling an inspection is a wise choice:

  • Identify Hidden Issues: Our inspectors thoroughly evaluate the property, uncovering hidden issues or potential problems that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.

  • Ensure Safety: Inspections help ensure the safety of the property's occupants. Identifying potential safety hazards, such as faulty electrical wiring, improper ventilation, or structural weaknesses, can prevent accidents, injuries, or even potential disasters.

  • Peace of Mind: A home inspection can provide peace of mind to both buyers and sellers. Buyers gain confidence in their decision to proceed with the purchase, knowing they clearly understand the property's condition. Sellers can rest assured that they can address any significant issues and can show the property in its best possible state.

Plan for Maintenance: Inspections provide valuable insights into the overall condition and maintenance needs of the property. Understanding what repairs or maintenance tasks are necessary in the short or long term helps homeowners plan and budget accordingly, preserving the value and integrity of their investment.

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Types of Residential Inspections


Pre-Purchase Inspections

After executing a contract to purchase a home, there is a time period in which to conduct due diligence on the property to get a clear understanding of its condition. The time period is a negotiated number of days during which the buyer can terminate the contract for any reason, and is typically referred to as the “option period”. Schedule your inspection as early as possible after executing the contract. Our pre-purchase inspections cover every aspect of the property, including the foundation, walls, floors, electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, roofing, insulation, and more. The inspection will often include a wood destroying insect inspection (often called a “termite” inspection), a swimming pool inspection, an outdoor kitchen inspection, and an irrigation system inspection. Intellispect leaves no stone unturned, providing a detailed report that highlights current and potential issues, allowing you to negotiate effectively while making an informed decision.


New Construction Inspections

There is no license for homebuilders in the state of Texas. Take that in for a moment, builders are not required to demonstrate any knowledge to build homes in Texas. Newly constructed homes can have more issues on the report than a previously owned home. Our meticulous new construction inspections help identify any deficiencies or faulty construction, ensuring that your new investment meets the highest quality standards. From the foundation to the finishing touches, we'll ensure your new home is built to the highest standards. There are three different phases of new construction inspections.

  • Phase 1: Foundation Pre-Pour Inspection - Intellispect’s new construction specialist will ensure the foundation site meets current standards and that form boards are properly located and installed, reinforcing steel is properly located and installed, pads properly formed and compacted, beams and trenches are properly sized and formed, plumbing piping is properly installed, etc

  • Phase 2: Pre-Drywall Inspection - This inspection takes place just before the wall insulation is installed and the drywall is installed. This inspection is critical as the walls will cover up defects in framing, electrical, plumbing, etc., forever.

  • Phase 3: Pre-Closing Inspection - This is the inspection most people associate with a “new home inspection”. This takes place when the builder thinks they’re finished, but prior to closing on the new house. Preferably, this inspection takes place 7-10 days prior to closing, which gives the builder time to correct defects.


Pre-Listing Inspections

If you're selling a property, a pre-listing inspection can give you a competitive edge by identifying any problems before they become stumbling blocks during the negotiation process. Our comprehensive evaluation will uncover any underlying issues, helping you address them proactively or set a fair asking price.

End of Builder Warranty (11-month) Inspections


Annual Home Maintenance Inspections

Regular maintenance is crucial for preserving the value and longevity of your home. Our annual home maintenance inspections provide a thorough examination of your property, identifying any minor issues that, if left unattended, may lead to more significant problems in the future. With our comprehensive service, you can prioritize your maintenance efforts effectively and keep your property in top condition.


New Construction Inspections

Even newly constructed homes can have defects or issues that may go unnoticed. Our meticulous new construction inspections help identify any potential deficiencies or faulty construction, ensuring that your new investment meets the highest quality standards. From the foundation to the finishing touches, we'll ensure your new home is built to perfection.


Why Choose Intellispect Property Inspection Group?

  • Experience and Expertise: Our highly trained inspectors have 45 years of combined experience in the field and are equipped with the knowledge needed to identify any hidden problems accurately.

  • Licensed and Insured: Intellispect Property Inspection Group inspectors are licensed and insured, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that you are working with a professional and reputable company.

  • Thorough and Comprehensive Inspections: We leave no corner untouched, providing in-depth evaluations of every system and component in your residential property.

  • Detailed Reports and Explanations: We provide comprehensive home inspection reports, complete with high-quality images, outlining our findings in a clear and concise manner. Our team will also take the time to explain any identified issues and answer all your questions.

  • Exceptional Customer Service: At Intellispect, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We strive to exceed your expectations, ensuring a smooth and stress-free inspection process from start to finish.

Intellispect Property Inspection Group is committed to helping buyers make informed decisions with confidence.

Contact Intellispect Property Inspection Group today for reliable, professional, and comprehensive residential property inspections in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our team is ready to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your property investment.

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