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When you need a reliable property inspection service in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, turn to Intellispect Property Inspection Group. With more than two decades of experience, we are experts in inspecting both residential and commercial properties throughout the DFW area. Our detailed home inspections cover HVAC, plumbing, and more, ensuring no issue goes unnoticed. For added peace of mind, we use thermal imaging inspections to detect hidden problems like leaks and moisture build-up.

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Intellispect Building Inspection Services in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX


Experienced, Professional Inspectors

As a leading home inspection company in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, Intellispect helps local property owners maintain all the important aspects of their buildings, including structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC units, and more. With a focus on empowering property owners, our transparent property inspection reports provide invaluable knowledge for well-informed decisions on investments, sales, and essential maintenance. Trust Intellispect for unrivaled property insights, backed by expertise and a commitment to excellence.

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Residential Inspection

We provide residential home inspection services for both home buyers and home sellers. Our house inspection services encompass thorough visual assessments of accessible areas, aiming to identify potential issues like leaks that could impact a sale. Whether you're considering a home inspection when buying a house or seeking a pre-listing inspection to increase home value, our expert team is here to support you with a detailed real estate inspection.

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Commercial Inspections

We inspect all types of commercial properties, from industrial facilities to multifamily residences. All inspections are customized to the client's needs. Along with an assessment of the building's physical structure, we can make an in-depth evaluation of mechanical systems like the electrical and HVAC systems. Trust our experienced team of commercial real estate inspectors to deliver thorough and reliable results that empower you to make informed decisions.

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Thermal Imaging

For enhanced precision, we use thermal imaging cameras during many of our home inspections. These cameras detect heat signatures and efficiently uncover hidden issues like leaks or moisture build-up.

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Extensive Service Area

Our coverage spans the entire DFW Metroplex inspecting thousands of residential and commercial properties in the region. No matter where you are located, rest assured that our inspections are detailed and accompanied by narrative reports and photographs documenting all areas of concern. You can access all documentation through our secure, password-protected online accounts for your convenience and security.

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End-of-Builder Warranty

If you own a new home, an end-of-builder warranty inspection is crucial to take advantage of the builder's one-year warranty. We ensure that any repairs caused by defects or flaws in construction are identified before the first year of ownership ends, upholding the warranty.

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To book a residential or commercial property inspection in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, you can conveniently schedule an appointment online or call our Fort Worth location at 817-590-2630 or our Dallas location at 972-359-8310.

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