Should you get a pre-listing inspection if you are selling a home?

While home inspections are valuable for home buyers, they can be just as valuable for home sellers. With a pre-listing inspection, the inspector can find unexpected problems before the home ever goes on the market. Knowing the issues beforehand can prevent deals from getting renegotiated or dropped altogether. The seller can make repairs based on the findings in the inspection report, and provide the report to potential buyers as an act of good faith. A pre-listing report serves as a marketing tool, and can be made available once the home is placed on the market.

When you choose INTELLISPECT PROPERTY INSPECTION GROUP for pre-listing home inspection services, we work with you every step of the way. Once the home has been inspected, we’ll write a detailed narrative report of our findings, and document areas of concern with photos. Moreover, we will provide you with copies of draft summaries that outline where repairs are needed. Once you make the repairs, you can attach receipts to the summaries acknowledging repairs have been made. We can then inspect the home again, revise the summary, and issue new copies to you. Once the seller approves the new report, copies of that report can be made available to potential buyers for their review. These reports can be placed in ads, as well, or on websites for review.