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    Texas Real Estate Commission      (TREC) Professional Inspector
     License # 6216

     International Code Council (ICC)
     Code-certified Residential     
     Building Inspector
     License # 5277997-B1

     Code-certified Residential      Mechanical Inspector
     License # 5277997-M1

     Texas Association of
     Real Estate Inspectors
     (TAREI) member


Why Use Intellispect?

Why Choose intelliSPECT?
North Texas’ most respected home and commercial inspection firm

Not all home inspections are created equal. While all licensed Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors may share the same license, this is where most similarities end. Experience, attention to detail and quality of reporting vary widely among inspectors.

Service excellence starts with understanding what the customer wants, providing resources to meet those needs and using a reliable systematic approach to deliver consistent results. We deliver these results by addressing three important principles:

IntelliSPECT inspectors are specially trained to observe, document and report residential and commercial construction defects and damage. IntelliSPECT employs special inspection tools and the experience of thousands and thousands of inspections to aid in the inspection.

Our IntelliReport© consists of a comprehensive narrative style report, with useful comments and detailed picture documentation of issues and locations. Our state of the art home inspection software allows us to post your password protected report online and have it there for a 5-year time frame.
Click here to view a sample report.

Responsive Service
Extended scheduling center hours 8am-8pm Mon-Fri. and 8:30am-5pm Sat.. Call and talk to a live service representative, not a machine.

FREE technical assistance, even after you move in

Multiple inspection types to better serve all customers

Report is emailed and can be viewed online

Shopping for home inspection services?

Make sure you are dealing with an inspector that has plenty of defect recognition (inspection) experience, not just construction experience. Any inspector with less than a couple of thousand inspections under his belt has just not seen enough to anticipate many problems. Subtle signs signal experienced inspectors to anticipate potentially serious underlying problems. Remember, one small missed issue can cause years of headaches and many thousands of dollars in repair costs or devaluation.

Ask prospective inspectors for and study an example of an actual report of a house similar in size and age to what you are purchasing. The Texas home inspection industry is rife with mediocre and inexperienced inspectors who use boilerplate comments, disclaimers and vague generalities in their reports. The report should be a comprehensive, well written and detailed account of all issues present. The report should answer most questions in regards to defects found.

The client is always encouraged to be present at our inspections. This often eye-opening experience allows you to learn about the house and is similar to a basic course in home ownership and maintenance. Ask questions as we inspect everything from the foundation to the roof (and everything in between). If you can’t make the home inspection, rest assured that we will completely document everything we saw with pictures of pertinent issues. This is almost as good as being there.




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