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     License # 5277997-B1

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     License # 5277997-M1

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     Real Estate Inspectors
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Residential Inspection Services

Home Sellers Inspections Services

Home Sellers Inspection Services

Selling a home? A pre-listing inspection by Intellispect will make your home more appealing to buyers and may help it sell for more money!

How can a pre-listing inspection help?

Repair findings and promote good faith with buyers

A pre-listing inspection can benefit the seller by identifying areas of concern and needed repairs. In many cases the seller will make important repairs and provide the inspection report along with receipts and warranty information for all repairs made, to potential buyers. This promotes good faith between the buyer and seller. This also eliminates the issues that buyers would have tried to renegotiate with.

Price house accordingly to maximize sales price

Buyers will on average try to negotiate more reduction in price than the cost of repairs. A pre-listing inspection will allow you to price the house according to repairs needed and will reduce the dollar amount of renegotiations.

Be sure of what issues will surface during the buyer’s home inspection. No more last minute re-negotiations based on unknown defects found by buyers inspector

There are certain issues that are more important to buyers than others. It is wise to know if any of these repair issues will surface. A pre-listing inspection will bring these issues to light prior to the buyer’s inspection. If some of the items are present and will reflect negatively on the house, they should be corrected before listing.

You can fix any conditions identified or simply reflect it in the price.

This will usually help take issues off the table as negotiating points against you.

An Intellispect pre-listing inspection is a powerful marketing tool

Prospective buyers and their agents recognize the value of a pre-inspected house as compared to other similar houses. It lets them know that there is a professional inspectors report available for review. Table tent cards are available so that prospects touring the house are gently reminded that a professional inspection by a reputable company has taken place and that the inspection is available for review.

Why wait until there is a buyer’s contract on the line to find out if there are significant defects or to know what items may appear on an inspector’s report?

Knowledge is power. Significant defects, no matter how easily corrected, can put a damper on a buyer’s enthusiasm for a property. In addition, the state of Texas requires inspector’s to report to current building standards. Many reported issues are simply due to building standards that have changed over time.

The advantage in marketing and the negotiating leverage make this inspection something powerful to consider before selling.

How does the pre-listing inspection process work?

  • You or your real estate agent contact Intellispect to arrange a pre-listing inspection.

  • The inspection is performed and issues are verbally reviewed onsite. The IntelliReport© Pre-Listing Inspection Report DRAFT COPY is then prepared and E-mailed within 48 business hours. The draft copy is reviewed by you and your agent. At this time the draft copy can be approved (by email or by phone) and a final report will be prepared along with 50 copies of the report summary. These 50 copies are delivered and are to be used during showings or open houses. Click here to view a sample IntelliReport© Pre-Listing Inspection Report or to view an IntelliReport© Summary Report.

  • If you choose to make repairs to reported issues, you may attach the paid receipts to the summary reports to provide future prospective buyers or you can hold off on approval of the draft copy of the report until repairs are made. IntelliSpect can then come out and review the repaired issues, revise the draft copy of the report and email it for approval. The charge for revisiting the property, reviewing issues and adjusting the report are very consumer-friendly and are based on time spent driving, reviewing and report revising. The typical charge is $150. Once the draft copy has been approved, the final report will be prepared and 50 copies of summary delivered.

  • The summary can be posted on a private link to our web site for review by interested parties. This link can be posted on any internet marketing materials where house is listed (Intellispect only provides the link for your use). There is no charge for posting the report online.

  • The Pre-listing Summary Report can be referenced in any advertisements, on feature sheets, on web sites, etc. The web page address for the Summary Report can be included in any of these.

  • You receive a 15% discount towards a home inspection for your next home as long as home is located within our geographical service area.

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