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    Texas Real Estate Commission      (TREC) Professional Inspector
     License # 6216

     International Code Council (ICC)
     Code-certified Residential     
     Building Inspector
     License # 5277997-B1

     Code-certified Residential      Mechanical Inspector
     License # 5277997-M1

     Texas Association of
     Real Estate Inspectors
     (TAREI) member



Commercial Inspection Services

Intellispect Property Inspection Group is a consulting building inspection firm specializing in commercial building inspections. Our commercial inspection team includes certified building inspectors, independent engineer consultants, mechanical equipment contractors and roofing contractors with superior technical abilities and excellent communication skills. We also have the ability to bring in the appropriate specialists when circumstances demand special expertise or equipment. The result of our team approach is a company that has the technical knowledge and know-how, but just as importantly, the ability to promptly deliver the required information concisely and effectively to the client.

Types of Properties Inspected
Intellispect evaluates property types that include residential (multi-family), retail, office, institutional, specialty (church, sports facilities, etc.) and industrial.  We perform new building inspections, which often uncover construction deficiencies such as improper installation or materials, omissions and substandard workmanship.

Commercial InspectionProperty Condition Assessments (PCA)
Our PCA’s provide valuable information regarding the physical status of the building structure and major components.  Our assessments are customized for each clients’ specific needs. The degree of inspection and services required can vary from a basic structure examination to a more comprehensive inspection of all technical facets of the building, including all mechanical systems (heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing), the electrical system and the building envelope (cladding, roofing, windows, etc.).


The Report
Our IntelliReport© is prepared based on the clients’ needs. The report is clear, concise and can include the following:

  • Opinions of probable costs for repairs likely to exceed $3000. These costs are for immediate repairs (within one year) and for short-term repairs (within one or two years).
  • Estimates of remaining useful life for building components.
  • Photograph documentation of typical building elevations, major systems and major deficiencies, as noted in body of report.

Whether your company is purchasing, leasing or long-term planning, call the commercial inspection specialists.





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